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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> the headlines this hour. >> indian officials blame terrace for three explosions in mumbai which killed 21 people and injured dozens more. the bombings are condemned by the white house and the u.n.. this is the latest of a series of attacks in the city in recent years. the phone hacking scandal force's report murdoch to abandon his bid for bskyb. many egyptian police are removed from their jobs. >> we are broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday."
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>> india's main commercial city has been hit by three coordinated bombings leaving at least 21 people dead and injuring more than 100. the blast is the worst attack since the attack by islamic extremists in 2008. indian officials blamed terrorists for the explosion. >> it was the evening rush hour when the bombs went off. three of them within a quarter of an hour. all of targeted were busy locations. people on their way home from work. one eyewitness said he sought two motorbikes explode in flames and the injured screaming for help. well over 100 people were
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wounded in what president obama condemned as an outrageous attack. many have lost limbs. >> the blast occurred at about 6:45 p.m. we infer that this was a quarter ended attack by terrorists. >> the first bomb went off at 6:54 at this bizarre. a minute later, the opera house district was attacked. then, a crowded neighborhood at 5 minutes after seven. this is the first major attack in mumbai since 2008, more than 160 people were killed in 60 hours of terror claimed the militants based in pakistan. these latest bombs have been described as relatively crude and possibly the work of local militants. whoever is behind it shows that the largest city is still
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vulnerable. >> we have been to the site of one of the explosions and this is the report. >> this is one of three locations where explosions have taken place in mumbai. just behind this police cordon, a bus stop where a vehicle packed with explosives was located and detonated. this along with two other blasts in the city took place in peak time in russia. in highly densely populated areas. lots of traffic are around. we are hearing as many injuries. they have been taken to local hospitals. the leaders have been coming to this area and said that the priority is to make sure that the injured were taken care of
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and treated. this is unclear as to who is behind these attacks exactly what has taken place and whether there is any correlation to those attacks that took place in 2008 and five years ago. >> that the venezuelan president hugo chavez has acknowledge that he will need more treatments for cancer. he said that the threat of malignant cells remains latent but he night need to undergo chemotherapy. but she might need to undergo chemotherapy. the afghan president has led thousands of mourners to the funeral of his half-brother. he was one of the most powerful yet controversial characters in afghanistan. this is seen as a big blow to the fragile security in the southern kandahar area. people have killed four people
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in northwest italy. a human rights groups said that four were killed when the troops attack villages in the region. an iranian man was arrested at bangkok international airport as he attempted to smuggle $1.6 million worth of methamphetamine into the country. the drug had been disguised as a work of art weighing up to 10 kilos each. another day of high drama of the phone hacking scandal. every minute something new is happening. news corp. has withdrawn its controversial bid for a full takeover of the british broadcaster bskyb. this came shortly before the british parliament began a debate on the phone hacking scandal.
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>> rupert murdoch's in the news for the wrong reasons. this is one of the great humiliations' for his career. "we believe that the proposed acquisition of bskyb would benefit both companies. it is too difficult to progress in this climate." there was protests inside and outside of the deal. >> i have been saying that this company clearly needs to sort out the problems there are at a news international, at the news of the world. that must be the party. that was the right decision for the country. >> this is the second massive setback. his reputation had been
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tarnished by allegations. the news of the world is to get the list hacking of the phone of a murdered teenager and the parents of 7/7 victims. >> this is a victory for people up and down this country who have been appalled by the allegations of phone hacking. when this criminal investigation is going on, people don't see how report were not expand his ownership in british media. >> it would have to minimax us to a vast amount of cash generated by the u.k.'s biggest television business. -- it would have given him access to a vast amount of cash. the money would have been useful to news corp. at the time when the newspaper operations are struggling.
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they paid a big price for the failure of the takeover. the share prices have fallen around 20% in the past nine days wiping almost 3 billion pounds from the value of the company. what has rupert murdoch lost? >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire and% of the business which has extraordinarily good prospects, which has a growth trajectory which is well understood. it would have a substantial increase by an order of magnitude of a 20% increase. >> mr. murdoch is much bigger in the u.s.. the concern for him is that u.s. senators are now on his case following allegations that 9/11 victims and their phones were hacked. >> if that is true and if there was any access to any of the victims records, it would be the
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most evasive and perverse use of a victim's information in the final moments of their lives, a tremendous invasion for the families as well. >> 1989, the dawn of television's new age. >> mr. murdoch would see himself as the founder of bskyb. to be told by politicians that he should not press ahead in its sent to own all the company and to do as they insisted, this is a set back as many -- as any. "to have reaction from australia where rupert murdoch started his media empire a little bit later. stay with us. in egypt, the government said more than 600 senior police officers are being removed from their jobs. they have demanded any action against any police killed -- any
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people killed by police. >> the protesters are still camped out in tahrir square. since they forced him from office, their demands for change in town. they were demanding swift change in actions. >> we have been trying to give time for the government to just continue the initial demands. still, nothing. >> the police officers are still dealing with people in an arrogant way. we want fair and transparent trials to take place in front of the egyptian people. the government hoped they might have made some progress which will appease the public.
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the interior minister announced that hundreds of officers are being removed from their jobs including 80 generals accused of involvement in the killing of protesters in the spring uprising. the main protest groups have welcomed the move. there is still much of the protesters are unhappy with. the military, who many feel should undergo a similar purge, and in the elections would be delayed by another month. >> you are watching "newsday," on the bbc. the growing political tensions surfacing in malaysia. the marine and the actress.
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this marine asked a hollywood actress for a date, did she except? the irish government has published a new report. the report uncovered serious failings in to the way the authorities deaths were reported to the police. they cared more about their reputation in the welfare of children. they said that only three years ago, reports were kept from police. our correspondent has this report. >> he was the right-hand man. he was a personal secretary to three popes. he stands accused of involvement in the latest scandal. it was in his diocese that the clerical sex abuse was taking
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place but it was not reported to the police. it happened as recently as three years ago at a time when the catholic church was telling the world that there would never be another cover-up. after revelations about irish pedophile priests, the new guidelines were introduced to ensure all allegations were then reported to the police. the rules were largely ignored. for those who complained to the church about being abused as children, the lack of action left them feeling helpless. >> this feels like being contaminated by a horrible disease. i feel if i have been touched by the devil and that is something that nobody will ever fix for me. >> after so many scandals in recent years, the catholic church in ireland is not only losing followers but a special place in irish society. john magee retired as the bishop last year.
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in a statement, he confessed he could have done more to help some victims of abuse and he said it was sorry. >> this is "newsday," on the bbc. >> the main headlines this hour. there is widespread condemnation of a bomb attack on the moon by which killed at least 20 people and wounded many others. -- a bomb attack in mumbai which killed at least 20 people. >> rupert murdoch's given up his bid for bskyb. >> our correspondent has the latest on developments at rupert murdoch's australian arm. >> is the stricklin group is called a news limited and their
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chief executive has written to all staff members here in australia saying that there will be a thorough internal review of all editorial expenditures over the last three years. the point of that review apparently is to make sure that those payments were legitimate and this is clearly an indication that they are feeling the heat from the wreckage of the demise of the news of the world in london. he said to his staff that other media outlets and politicians have been trying to link the scandal in london with the operations of news ltd. here in australia and he said that was completely wrong and unjustified. that review will take place. news ltd. is feeling the heat halfway around the world from events in london. >> greece's creditworthiness has been downgraded again. the agency fitch gave their bonds a triple c rating or a junk status which implies a
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higher risk of default. they said there was growing concern over the lack of a new bailout deal for greece. police in venice william have -- police in venezuela have regained control after a standoff. more than 800 inmates have given up their weapons and have left the prison. this was the latest in a series of recent riots in venezuelan jails. five people have been killed in an explosion at an industrial unit in boston and lincolnshire. at one man has serious injuries. this has been described as a major incident. the investigation is already under way into what caused the explosion. there are tree lankan refugees in indonesia but that is not where they want to go. -- there are refugees from sri lanka and indonesia. >> they want to go to an
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entirely different place. they were apprehended by indonesian officials. there are refusing to leave. they say that they fled two years ago after the war and they want to go to new zealand. >> it has been a long and treacherous journey and the passengers have envied. there a vehicle ran into mechanical trouble. these refugees are now refusing to get off of the ship. they say they want to go to new zealand where they think they will have a shot at a better life. new zealand has reportedly said they will not accept them. there are women and children among the 87 asylum seekers, one woman is reportedly pregnant. the passengers say they have enough supplies to last them a month.
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this is the first time that indonesia has had to deal with this challenge. last year, a group of 200 refugees refused to disembark off of their boat. they turned their shipped but even after that waiting, they never reached their final destination, australia. the stand have highlighted the problems. the government is urging this boatload of refugees to come ashore and to start negotiating. they are refusing to budge. they are offering a transit flight for asylum seekers. they are making the perilous journey to what they believe is a better life in nations like australia and new zealand. often, they get stuck here. there are several hundred refugees living in detention centers across the country.
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>> there is growing tension in malaysia. this is organized a group pushing for electoral reform. this has been hijacked by the political opposition. we have more. >> the capital city of rush hour. the same street, different day, lockdown. protesters are demanding reforms of the system march in defiance of a government ban. the response was forceful. teargas, water cannon, charges. in the midst of a doll, one of the protest leaders tried to direct the crowd. >> we had said the rally would be peaceful. >> they have called for may have
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but they have no regrets. >> there was a need to press the authorities to take this seriously. our position is very simply that we don't care who wins but when fair and square. it must be premised on on on this count of the courts have -- >> there is more to this than meets the eye. this chance has long been associated with the political opposition, evidence that the government says that the movement -- this is the leader of the youth wing, the party which is dominated malaysian politics since independence. >> if you are talking about the electoral reforms, there is a way of doing it and that is work in the electoral elections commission in trying to push for some of the points that they have highlighted and not to try to create an us and them
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polemic, especially bringing in the opposition party. >> the government is no longer controlling the message. they see smart phones and social media changing the dynamic. >> you can give them a wider choice between what the government says and what is actually going on. facebook, twitter, have captured the imagination. a group of them will move to take over the leadership in this country i think within the decade. >> there is a growing political consciousness in malaysia but this not egypt are -- or tunisia. there is demand for ordinary people to have a say and that is
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the challenge facing the established order. >> bangladesh and india are due to hold their first census. they will focus on a string of enclaves that belong to one country but lies inside of another. >> imagine a situation like this, you are living in a village but york village is not exactly excited your country but the neighboring country. tens of thousands of people on the border have been living in these enclaves cut off from their respective countries. there are about 100 indian enclaves and about 50 which belong to bangladesh situated inside of india. now, the two countries are talking about exchanging these printed the people who live
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there, they go through an enormous hardships. they have no access to health care and education. they would like to conduct a census and headcount to find out how many people are living in these enclaves. then the people will be given the option of where exactly they want to lift come in bangladesh or in india in the future. the're looking to restore longstanding boundary issues. >> now to a very different story. a u.s. marine has grabbed worldwide attention after he got a famous hollywood actress to accompany him to the marine ball. >> never mind different worlds, these two inhabit different planets. his is a dusty checkpoint in
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afghanistan, hers, the glamour of hollywood. >> i would like to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball in greenville, north carolina with yours truly. >> his bowl invitation was seen by 8 and a thousand people on youtube but not by the actress herself. >> there is a video online. >> what? >> justin timberlake played matchmaker. >> i will work on this for you. i will work on this for you. he invited you to the ball. >> when is it? >> in november. >> i will go. >> she is promoting her latest film and she can look forward to a trip to northern carolina. -- north carolina. she promised the sergeant that
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she will not stand him up. >> where people have already been in touch with his people. it is a date. -- heard people -- her people have already been in touch with his people. a reminder of the main news. indian officials have blamed terrorists for three explosions during an evening rush hour in mumbai which killed 21 people and injured dozens more. the u.n. security council has condemned the attacks in the strongest terms. there is of course much more on the story on the bbc news website. from us in london and singapore, the can also a friend us on
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facebook. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. i'm your new teacher, miss stacey. she could pass for a teacher or even go on to university. our anne. diana? my little sister's awful sick with the croup. i would have been too late... you saved this little baby's life. i knew matthew was up to some foolishness. don't you like it? doesn't gilbert look dashing tonight? i hadn't noticed him. i want to wish you all the luck in the world, anne.
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